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highlights of act 2022​

one of the highlights was the panel discussion titled “women in music – opportunities and hurdles”, which delved into the experiences and challenges faced by women in the music industry. the discussion shed light on the numerous opportunities available to women in music while addressing the obstacles they encounter and strategies to overcome them. another notable segment of the event was the panel discussion titled “all about music – inception to infinity”, which offered a comprehensive exploration of the world of music covering its origins, evolution, and future possibilities.

in addition to the insightful discussions, attendees had the privilege of experiencing an intimate conversation with the legendary sonu nigam. he shared his remarkable music journey, providing valuable insights into his career, inspirations, and the challenges he has faced along the way.

the event also featured a thrilling live concert by the talented students of ajivasan. the young performers showcased their exceptional musical skills, mesmerizing the audience with their melodies and rhythms. the concert was a testament to the dedication and talent nurtured at ajivasan, leaving the attendees awestruck and enthralled.

About Ajivasan

ajivasan, earlier known as vasant sangeet vidyalay, was founded in 1932 in srinagar by acharya jialal vasant under the patronage of smt. rameshwari nehru. the institute had a repute for providing scientific training in hindustani classical music, and the students had the opportunity to perform with the master on several occasions. today the institute trains about 2000 students every year in hindustani and western classical vocal, instrumental music as well as indian and western dance forms. the institute also houses four state of the art sound recording studios. here we train students in professional singing and for recording music tracks, film songs and tv and radio ads
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