Course Description

A Drum-Kit is a collection of percussive surfaces such as cymbals, toms, hi-hats, snare, bass drum. The drum-kit is the most commonly used percussion instrument in many western music styles including pop, rock, funk, metal, etc. Playing this instrument requires the coordination of all four limbs. This course is sequenced in a way that is incremental in skill level and helps the students develop into knowledgeable percussionists.

Certification: Trinity College London

Frequency: Once A Week Class

Age Range: 5 years & above

Class Duration: 45-60 Minutes

Semester Duration: 6-8 Months

Grade-wise Curriculum

Grade 1

  • Basic Hand coordination between the left and right hands. 
  • Basic Notation reading. Crotchet and Quavers. (one beat and half beat notes)
  • 3 Drum Rudiments  Eg: RLRLR followed by RRLL RRLL and RLRR LRLL.
  • How to implement these basic hands “ex” over the drum kit with basic beats and fills.
  • Grooves in 4/4

Grade 2

  • Reading of semi quavers (1/4 beat note)
  • Hand Foot coordination 
  • 2 and 3 way coordination
  • Will learn simple Rock beats with play along songs.
  • Holding  a beat with a song. (Keeping time)
  • 3 more Rudiments ( Flams, Drags and flam a diddles) and application of the same.
  • Grooves in 4/4 and 2/4

Grade 3

  • Reading  of . Crotchet,  Quavers and semi quavers rest.
  • Open drum solo..
  • Introduction to genres: 
  • Pop: Mainstream, catchy, and often commercially oriented music with a wide appeal.
  • Rock: A broad genre with various sub-genres, characterized by amplified instruments and often featuring strong rhythms and melodies.
  • Funk: A genre known for its syncopated rhythms and emphasis on groove and danceability.

Grade 4

  • Will open up to more rudiments.
  • Grooves in ¾ and 6/8
  • 6/8 with double paradiddles (for Latin grooves)
  • BossaNova, Samba. Clave patterns. Which are 4 way coordination – The feet playing one pattern while the hands playing another complex pattern.
  • Introduction to genres: 
  • Jazz: An improvisational genre that emerged from African-American communities, featuring complex harmonies and rhythms.
  • Latin: Music with origins in Latin America or influenced by Latin American rhythms and styles.

Grade 5 

  • Introduction to odd time signatures … 5/4 , 7/8 etc
  • Time signature changes
  • Faster hi-hat patterns 

Grade 6

  • More usage of irregular time signatures
  • More complex pieces of music
  • Intricate bass drum patterns

Grade 7

  • More complex pieces of music
  • Drum Solos
  • Improvisational techniques and more genres of music are explored

Grade 8

  • Longer duration of drum solos
  • More complex left foot independence 
  • Improvisational skills are strengthened

About Ajivasan

Ajivasan, Earlier Known as Vasant Sangeet Vidyalay, was founded in 1932 in Srinagar by Acharya Jialal Vasant under the patronage of SMT.Rameswari Nehru.

The Institute has a reputation for providing scientific training in Hindustani classical music, and the students had the opportunity to perform with the master on several occasions.

Today the institute trains about 2000 students every year in Hindustani and western classical vocals, Instrumental music as well as Indian and western dance forms.

The institute also houses four state of the Art Sound Recording studios. Here we train students In professional singing and recording music tracks, films, songs, and TV and Radio Ads.