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Learning Music Begins at Home

Learning always begins at home. The general environment in homes with middle aged parents is critical towards the practices of today’s world. We inadvertently tend to glorify the past. Everything was better ‘back then’! 

While this is something we just accept and move on, the Music world will need some more insight. 

Most of my generation is living in the nostalgia of yesterday’s music, unwilling to see the today and least prepared for the tomorrow. 

‘Aaj kal ka Music’ is often followed by a bunch of derogatory lines which only contribute to pushing away our youngsters who then decide to wear their own respective headphones during long drives whilst we are immersed in our uplifting retro music. 

We all need to get a better understanding of the current scenario which has newer styles of music combined with the era of digital media. Glorifying the past is one thing, but the present is where youngsters need to make their mark. Along with good singers and performers, we do need to have a well-informed audience. 

In the meantime, independent music is making its place in a society where the consumption of Bollywood music is very high. The role of media in promoting and nurturing artists is very significant. So much has changed! 

In my opinion, we ought to spend some time and effort to understand the change of scenario with regard to the music world. Learning music will always be important and gainful. But we will need to keep modifying our approach with the changing times. It’s easy to just criticise what we really don’t understand. 

Ajivasan Music and Dance Academy has taken upon itself the responsibility of creating more awareness among the music lovers and listeners about the current trends. Ajivasan Act held in Nov 2022 had a day full of Panel discussions which aimed at educating not only Students but also our audiences, to appreciate the new and ever expanding ecosystem of Music. 

While there is a lot to learn from the music of the last few decades, we need to get familiar with newer trends and styles. We do accept that talent today is surreal! Even young children are astoundingly gifted! Today’s music world is differently challenging. Children aiming to make a future in music require to be better equipped as all-rounders. ‘Jack of all’ is now a more serious reality. 

In early 2023 we are starting few new courses at the Academy. Our soon to begin Full day course will be a one year all round grooming project for talented singers and musicians. It will include everything from Music production, basics of Sound engineering to theory of Music, Instrumental music as well as Dance and Yoga. The aim is to equip Youngsters to be able to deal with the needs of fast changing trends in the Music world. 

While the torch bearers hone their talent and widen the spectrum of their skills, we too will need to broaden our understanding. 

At the core of it Ajivasan is an Institution that is committed to teaching Music and Dance. Along with training musicians and dancers, we are also trying to foster a musically literate society.

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