Bollywood Vocal Classes , Bollywood music Classes

Course Description

Learn old and new popular bollywood songs along with the vocal techniques such as proper breathing, projection, effective practice methods, and the use of alankars and sargams in singing. Every 3 months, you will be given a Studio Session wherein you can learn mic techniques, voice culture, grooming for solo & group singing. This course aims at preparing students to be able to perform freely.
Learn to sing old & new Popular Bollywood Hits of different genres and categories, aiming at preparing the students to be able to perform freely on stage as well as recording sessions.

Certification: Ajivasan Music & Dance Academy

Frequency: Twice A Week Class & Once A Week Class

Age Range: 7 years & above

Class Duration: 60 Minutes

Semester Duration: 4-6 Months


Grade-wise Curriculum

Bollywood Curriculum

  • Class : Once a week
  • Individual singing
  • Presentation of the songs
  • Technicalities: Expressions, Mic Techniques, Voice Modulation, Pitch Perfection
  • Recognising basic taal / rhythm patterns of the songs

Topics Broadly Covered

  • Reading of semi quavers (1/4 beat note)
  • Hand Foot coordination 
  • 2 and 3 way coordination
  • Will learn simple Rock beats with play along songs.
  • Holding  a beat with a song. (Keeping time)
  • 3 more Rudiments ( Flams, Drags and flam a diddles) and application of the same.
  • Grooves in 4/4 and 2/4

January to April

  • Basic Standing note riyaaz
  • Understanding of pitch.
  • Learn how to project voice
  • Practise of Vowels (Laa, AA, UU, A,O,…)
  • Alankar / Palta – 10 simple alankar and also know how to make alankar.
  • Breathing technique
  • Importance of Indian classical Ragas And Thaats in Bollywood music.
  • Introduction to Light music and Jan Sangeet( Songs will be covered and also make them understand the difference between two forms.
  • Understanding of basic Taal – Dadra and keherwa
  • Songs will be covered depending on the capacity of the students.
  • Karaoke session
  • Assessment

May – August

  • Basic Standing note riyaaz
  • Breathing technique during riyaaz.
  • Understanding of pronunciation, expression and diction.
  • Voice culture
  • Understanding of basic Taal – Teental
  • Introduction to Ghazal music( few Ghazals will be covered)
  • Bollywood songs will be covered. ( depending on the age group)
  • Introduction to studio singing technique – level 1
  • Karaoke session
  • Assessment

September – December

  • Basic Standing note riyaaz
  • Learning creative staccato note with taal
  • Understanding of kann swar, Khatka, Gamak, Murki ,Meend, Andolit swar.
  • Learn how to find the scale of any song.
  • Understanding of octave notes.
  • Understanding of basic Taal – Deepchandi
  • Bollywood songs and introduction to Bhajan ( songs to be covered)
  • Introduction to studio singing technique – level 2
  • Karaoke session
  • Assessment 

Bollywood Course – Second Year

  • 4 month semester – Bollywood Sem 201, Bollywood Sem 202 , Bollywood Sem 203 Second year students – will be provided with assessment for 201 and 202 In the last semester (203) of 2nd year certificates will be provided to the students.

January to April

  • Basic Standing note riyaaz
  • Voice projection.
  • How to control dynamics while singing in front of the mic.
  • Alankars on advanced level and also singing in all 10 Thaats.
  • Understanding of Rhythm.
  • Various instruments used in film songs.
  • Revision of all previous taals.
  • Learn how to make Alaap, Sargam, Taan in a song.
  • Learning songs based on the following popular Raags – Desh, Yaman, Bihaag, Darbari etc.
  • studio singing technique – level 3
  • Karaoke session
  • Assessment

May – August

  • Introducing octave singing( shudh and vikrit swar in 3 octaves)
  • Learning Harmony technique.
  • Introducing to Sufi songs.
  • Live singing session with Tabla and Harmonium.
  • Learning peppy Bollywood numbers ( Retro hits)
  • Revision of previous taals.
  • Karaoke session
  • Assessment

September – December

  • Basic Standing note riyaaz.
  • Understanding composition and lyrics.
  • Listening session.
  • Song selection according to individual voice texture.
  • Discussion about life experiences of eminent artist( Singers, composers, lyricist)
  • Understanding of notation in any song.
  • Master class with Smt Padma Wadkar( one session)
  • Studio singing technique – level 4
  • Stage karaoke session.(individual)
  • Assessment
  • Certification

About Ajivasan

Ajivasan, Earlier Known as Vasant Sangeet Vidyalay, was founded in 1932 in Srinagar by Acharya Jialal Vasant under the patronage of SMT.Rameswari Nehru.

The Institute has a reputation for providing scientific training in Hindustani classical music, and the students had the opportunity to perform with the master on several occasions.

Today the institute trains about 2000 students every year in Hindustani and western classical vocals, Instrumental music as well as Indian and western dance forms.

The institute also houses four state of the Art Sound Recording studios. Here we train students In professional singing and recording music tracks, films, songs, and TV and Radio Ads.