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About the Course

We at Ajivasan Music Academy are coming up with yet another series of VOGA, only this time, it has gone to a whole new level!

VOGA, which stands for Vocal Yoga is not just about riyaaz tips and vocal training, it’s also about training the mind and strengthening the connection and coordination between your mind and voice.

This time around we will be exploring the 3 E’s of VOGA:

1) Voga Experience

  • Duration – 45min
  • Number of days – 21 days

Introducing VOGA Experience, the first level of our innovative course at Ajivasan Music Academy. This program has been meticulously designed to delve into the essence of riyaaz, providing students with a profound understanding of its significance and the multitude of benefits it offers. Throughout this level, students will embark on an immersive journey, mastering the art of riyaaz and cultivating a disciplined practice routine.


They will be introduced to essential aspects such as breathing techniques and airflow management, enabling them to harness their vocal potential. Additionally, students will explore the intricacies of alankaars and paltas, nurturing their musical agility. With dedicated ear training and note recognition sessions, participants will sharpen their musical acumen, enhancing their overall musicality.

Vocal exercises and dynamics will further empower students to refine their singing skills, while also fostering an understanding of correct and incorrect singing practices, along with techniques to self-correct. Finally, students will learn to customize and construct their own riyaaz plan, aligning it with the specific needs and requirements of their unique voice on a daily basis. Join us in the VOGA Experience and unlock the transformative power of riyaaz in your musical journey.

2) Voga Evolution

  • Duration – 45min
  • Number of days – 21 days

Welcome to VOGA Evolution, the next level of our transformative course at Ajivasan Music Academy. In this exhilarating 21-day program, we will delve even deeper into the realm of riyaaz, empowering students with advanced techniques and insights. Embark on a journey of self-discovery as we explore a wide range of topics essential for vocal growth. Develop mastery over breathing and airflow, allowing your voice to soar to new heights. Dive into the world of chromatic notes, honing your note recognition and placement skills for impeccable pitch control.

Discover the art of voice placement, encompassing the nuances of head, chest, and stomach resonance, with specialized vocal exercises to strengthen each aspect. Immerse yourself in the melodic realms of the five Thaats, while exploring alankaars within them to expand your melodic vocabulary. Unleash the power of gamak, adding depth and expression to your singing. Unlock the secrets of notation (swarlipi), learning how to decode musical scores for your favorite songs. Master the art of finding Sa, the anchor note, and its importance in vocal renditions.

 Delve into intricate alankaars and paltas, honing your technical prowess. Explore alankaars in different taals, infusing rhythm into your melodic journey. Develop a keen ear for listening and appreciation, broadening your musical horizons. Polish your pronunciation to elevate your vocal clarity and diction. Unlock the realm of vocal dynamics, infusing your performances with emotion and variety. Finally, refine your riyaaz by customizing it to suit your individual needs and aspirations. Join us in VOGA Evolution and embark on a transformative musical odyssey like never before.

3) Voga Excellence

  • Duration – 60min
  • Number of days – 21 days

Welcome to VOGA Excellence, the pinnacle of musical mastery at Ajivasan Music Academy. In this extraordinary program, we delve into the realms of unparalleled vocal artistry and intricate nuances of Indian music. Over the course of our journey, you will develop an extraordinary command over your voice, unlocking the secrets to excellence. Master the subtleties of breathing and airflow, harnessing their power to create mesmerizing vocal expressions. Delve into the mystical realms of khatka, murki, meend, kan or sparsh swar, harkat, and other intricacies that define the rich tapestry of Indian music.

Decoding the notation of these intricate patterns, you will simplify their complexity and make them your own. Immerse yourself in alankaars and exercises specially crafted to hone each intricacy, fostering agility and precision in your vocal prowess. Unlock your creative potential as you build your own alankaars, personalized to practice and master these intricacies. Explore the profound depths of ten thaats, unraveling their melodic essence and expanding your musical horizons.

Unleash the transformative power of Merukhand, a complex melodic pattern that will elevate your artistry to new heights. Refine your technique and virtuosity through a vast repertoire of alankaars and paltas, building speed, accuracy, and control. Embrace vocal dynamics, imbuing your performances with emotion, intensity, and finesse. Finally, customize your riyaaz, tailoring it to your unique vocal needs, allowing you to reach unparalleled excellence. Join us in VOGA Excellence and embark on a remarkable journey of musical transcendence.

About Ajivasan

Ajivasan, Earlier Known as Vasant Sangeet Vidyalay, was founded in 1932 in Srinagar by Acharya Jialal Vasant under the patronage of SMT.Rameswari Nehru.

The Institute has a reputation for providing scientific training in Hindustani classical music, and the students had the opportunity to perform with the master on several occasions.

Today the institute trains about 2000 students every year in Hindustani and western classical vocals, Instrumental music as well as Indian and western dance forms.

The institute also houses four state of the Art Sound Recording studios. Here we train students In professional singing and recording music tracks, films, songs, and TV and Radio Ads.

Registration Form

Entry Pass: Rs. 2000.00 (Rupees Two Thousand Only)